Commission a one-of-a-kind piece of art

Custom Glass Services

Whether you’re looking to etch your company name on your windows or commission stained glass art for your church, our artisans can customize glasswork for your unique situation.

01) Plan

Understand you and your space

You’ll review the purpose of your piece and your stylistic preferences with the designer. Then we examine the building where the stained glass will be installed, including architectural elements and natural light.

Set a direction.

Next, we work together to determine the complexity of your project. We’ll provide an estimated price range and walk you through how different designs or techniques may affect your budget.

02) Design

Create your design.

Beginning with a digital layout, we identify shapes, colors, and the overall direction of the piece. We’ll review the flow, symbology, and how we would incorporate the piece into your space.

Pick glass

You have thousands of unique sheets of glass at our studio to choose from, plus we can source pieces from around the world. You’ll get the chance to see the glass in person and pick materials that you love.

03) Create

Craft the piece.

After you’ve approved all the important elements, we lay out the pattern on paper and cut glass to each individual shape. Then we lead the glass and secure the piece.

Install your art.

Our artisans have experience with complex installations. We focus on delivering a structurally sound piece that will bring beauty to your space for decades to come.

Bring beauty to your space

Learn more about commissioning your own stained glass art.